I had an appointment today to deliver the results of my 24 hour sleep test. I made a short series in the style of Jing Huang during my stay at hospital for this series, which I’ve mocked up together above. 

It came as quite a shock today to be told I have Epilepsy. It became hard to get a straight head for the rest of the day, yet one thing was able to remain clear and ordered in my head, and that was photography. Not so much taking images, but refining an image I’d taken a while ago on a Hasselblad H1D of a farming scene. The H1D is a great camera, really quite formidable even with the standard 80mm. Lugging it round with the ImageBank is a bit of a chore and really not for the weak jointed (like myself) but it really is a fantastic system for enstowing confidence and removing any opportunity for blaming the gear for any imperfections. Ill post up a more comprehensive overview soon, but this isn’t really a great time for me to right now.

Hope you’re all doing what you love,

– Peace


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