Re-leathering a rangefinder…

So today I woke up motivated. I was going to take my old film rangefinder (Canonet 28, not that old I know), rip it apart, clean and re-solder the innards and make it work like new. That didnt work out. I didn’t make it any worse, i=I just couldn’t fix it (meters pegged). Then I thought, well, since this cameras pretty much a bookend now, unless I fancy shooting at 1/30 all day, i may aswel make it a pretty one, so i grabbed the leather i salvaged from the inlay on my girlfriends desk im helping renovate and went to town.

Its pretty easy to strip down most cameras with the help of Google, so that part was a breeze. I then took a chisel and razor blade to the existing leatherette and 10 mins later had one ugly cam on my hands. using the old leatherettes as templates i simply traced the outside of the components and cut them out with a sharp blade. some UHU and a lot of jimmying later and i had what i consider to be a pretty darn handsome camera. Might just start wearing it as an accessory!

OllieGapper Photography.jpg

Thoughts and such are treasured for all eternity.


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