Project Ideas And My Strive To Become A Magnum Photographer.

From looking at more recent work you may have noticed something in both style and content. I have, for a while now, been very enthralled by photojournalism, street and lifestyle photography with a keen interest in Magnum and its associated photographers.
I decided to make myself a pact, a promise to myself that i will, before I leave university, make a strong application to Magnum comprising of either one, or many continued bodies of work. The question begs, “Why not now?”, the simple answer to which is I don’t have any suitable work to submit. I have come to a realization recently that sometime we can all get a little ahead of ourselves, as photographers, artists, writers, anything creative, when we see a style we like, an image we like, something that embodies where our minds eye is focused, its easy to believe to yourself that you embody that style, without actually having any material to back it up. Its a hard, albeit metaphorical, thump when this is realized, its almost like someone just destroying some of your favourite shots, and saying “your not that good yet”. The operative word here is “yet” inviting you to get that good and to attain those shots. The only way to get over this hump is to get better shots than the ones you thought you had, for me this is my primary motivation and it has been for a while. It means that when you get ‘the shot’ you get a much more exciting and gratifying feeling, but this is closely met by the low of your next style strive, making photography a true rollercoster.
So back to my Magnum application, i have been trying, for the last few days to piece together a project idea for a sustained body of work that could work as strong application material. The first idea is one I’d still like to keep under wraps for various reasons, the other is the same, but their is one subject matter I only recently considered, one that has been staring me in the face for the past 17 years of my life. My father. After watching all 6 episodes of ‘The Genius Of Photography’ I had this epiphany, one that said I’d been looking too far a field for subject matter. Why try and base my first project of this sort on something I’d only be able to photograph once or twice a year, or something that would require time out of school, why not concentrate on something that i have near constant access to? So I’ve decided to take on this project, but do so in a relatively relaxed manner, not telling him about the project for fear of authenticity being corrupted, but just documenting little things he does, has, wears or says; all in an attempt to build a kind of retrospective of what I see in him, and my point of view on him, built over the past 17 years. I will be truthful, but not unkind in my representation, as after all, he’s my dad.

Day Ninety Three

If you got something you wanna say, chuck a comment in below, if why not pay my flickr a visit.

Oh, by the way, I ordered a Billingham 335 the other day, should arrive tomorrow, or today, its getting so late its early, so expect a review.


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