Photographer, Typographer?

Project 365: Day 6, Winter Typography

You can probably tell by todays image that I’ve been toying with typography lately. I’ve always been interested in and respected typography, i mean how can one be truely creative with text? Its a new, exciting and difficult medium for me to turn my hand to, by i must say im really enjoying it. One of the hardest things I’ve found is finding something to actually write, so for this image i did a cheeky google search for “snow quotes” and found a gem of a site. ThinkExist is a great site to use, uncluttered, straight down to what you want, and it even searches for single words in a quote (I’m not advertising here, it’s just a good site for typographers).
My title suggests that their is a link between photography and typography, and undoubtedly their is. Base images need to be of high quality and preferably with plenty of blank space to one side. Easy for a competant photographer to consider when out in the field. The rue of thirds also comes into its own as well, making you immediately place the image on balanced cross sections and equal areas of the image.

As mentioned on Twitter earlier, I probably suck as i have no background knowledge or context about typography, so any tutorials, ideas or people you think i should research would be greatly appreciated.

Snow day tomorrow so i should be blogging and tweeting more frequently.

Have a good week.


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