Pentax 6×7 vs. Olympus E-P2

Project 365: Day 19, That Rangefinder bug
Well after deciding on putting my savings on flying both myself and mt lovely mum to New York for my 18th, I have been bestowed with the great responsibility of how to spend the moolah i shall bring into B&H. Damn this life just gets tougher, but i suppose some ones got to do it. ;P

So far I’ve thought of two possibilities (i Don’t know how much I’ll be able to save or how much I’ll get for my birthday) so these could be well out of reach or well within reason, I really don’t know. But anyway here they are:

Pentax 6×7 TTL
Yeah I know its a tank and its film, BUT its medium format and its quick(ish). Ive wanted to shoot medium format for a while now, I understand how it all works, the advantages, the reasons why people use it and all the technical bits. I’ve looked at all the possibilities, Mamiyas, Hasselblads, Contax, Kiev, etc… but in terms of travel (considering Ill be in New York when i buy it and i travel to the US regularly), Lens availability and quality, and one thing thats worried me, metering, its almost perfect. I say almost for a reason. Its ridiculously heavy and large (thats what she said) so its not an ‘easy to take’ camera nor is it great for carry-on luggage weight (though it is robust enough for the hold). Film is something that I really don’t know what to think of. I love the detail and quality of larger negs/slides, the physicality of film, actually being able to hold the image and keep a true hard copy. Enlargements are also awesome, scans can produce awesome prints and as technology evolves larger, higher quality scans can be made and the image always kept usable.

Film gets expensive, and slide film is just stupid, especially on medium format.
Film is not as immediately versatile as digital and with my new blogging and uploading lifestyle this instantaneity and versatility is more important than ever.
Developing is possible for black and white using school stuff, but their stuff is pretty aweful (out of date jessops developer), but this doesn’t discourage me, its more about finding time to process during a school day.
Digitalisation- Its easy enough to say “just scan it in” but not when you don’t actually have a photo scanner. So I’d either have to fork out for a photo scanner myself or pay each time i want a scan. Not cost effective.

Olympus E-P2

One of the new ‘EVIL’ (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras featuring a newly added accessory port. This is the main hook for me, having an additional EVF (a decent quality one) for manually focusing the huge variety of lenses available for this camera system. Nikon, Olympus OM, Canon, just about every lens has an adaptor suitable for this camera available but, most enticingly for me, an adapter for  ALL Leica M mount lenses is also available. Perfect for a wannabe Leica shooter such as myself and perfect for the style Im aiming for in New York. Meyerowitz, Weeks even Cartier-Bresson use Leicas for their size, portability, unobtrusiveness and reassuringly compact size for their subjects. The E-P2, EVF, 17mm 2.8, Novoflex Leica M adapter and Voigtlander 35mm 1.4  MC would be my dream set to use everyday, let alone New York, where it would be in its prime (no lens-pun intended).

After writing all this im struggling to find a downside for the E-P2, apart from the sensor size, which isn’t at all bad itself. The price looks to be an issue at the moment, with the ticket and accommodation prices coming out to be quite pricey, we’ll just have to see what happens before my birthday and hope Santa delivers on birthdays this year.

Todays pic is here

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