Birth, Life & Death.

Project 365: Day 59, Ezekiel 25:17
Well today was the first day back and we were immediately introduced with the project title “Birth, Life & Death” as our next A-level photography piece. We are to embrace all three level here, not just one.
This could turn out to be very interesting, but also extremely challenging. I’ve brainstormed a little bit and came up with a few ideas that could be easily executable.

  • For birth, pregnancy and children are the first thing that will com to mind, but I really want to break away from the predictable.
  • Plants, foliage and other natural wonders could be photographed, filmed or composited in an interesting way.
  • Time lapses could be used for all three, a plant breaking through concrete, a busy street and a deteriorating piece of metal/wood or even a dieing plant.

For Life I was thinking more on the lines of documenting the everyday life of average people and “The Human Condition”. I’d take inspiration from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, even Robert Capa. I’ve got a library of candid shots i took on the streets of New York so this shouldn’t be to hard.

Of course if i had an unlimited budget and access to any gear I’d shoot in a hospital corridor. Looking directly at one side from the other with one room hosting a child birth, a blank wall with a slightly blurred figure walking across it towards a harsh metal door labelled “Morgue”. But i haven’t the resources or cash to pull that off, so ill stick to one of the above.

I like the idea of all three being shown through time lapses around a city.  Could throw in some nice cinematography, lots of still shots linking in theme but not in content, kind of like a montage.

I’ll start my D90 review soon enough, but Im going to watch The Godfather III now then bust into some school work.

Today’s picture is yet to come, but should be up soon.


2 responses to “Birth, Life & Death.

  1. around here in Washington State I am always amazed to see how many trees/shrubs/plants grow from the stumps of trees that have either fallen down or have been cut down. Like you said…it might seem a little predictable…but if you can find something like that and shoot it well…I bet the result could be really cool.
    Another idea…you were in NYC recently weren’t you? Do you have any pictures of ground zero? There is a lot of rebirth happening there…you may have some good shots that you could use that would fit the criteria.

  2. yeah its ideas like that i can really use. Thanks.

    I wasnt able to get any of ground zero as it was almost completely blocked off for construction. Ill take a bit more time round their next time I go (this year i hope!)

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