Shooting the Dawg

Oscar - No vignette

So i was trying to think what to photograph today and what style i wanted to do when I noticed something about my dog, a certain photographic quality to him that if were to ignore, i wouldn’t be a true photographer. So I subliminally led him into my studio (my dog is very hyper active and gets very anxious if you give him attention) sat him down and picked up his favorite toy of the day. He immediately sat down in just the right spot, so i quickly switched everything on, metered, adjusted, composed and shot. Literally 5 minutes later he’d decided to call it a wrap and walked off to play with Maurice. I uploaded and to my delight the pics were near on perfect straight out of cam, a little exposure adjustment, B+W conversion, black point increase and contrast increase later and all was done. This was the style stuck somewhere in my head that i wanted to shoot. Similar to yesterdays style, high key studio work, but with slight variation in terms of subject and composition.

Started looking at prices for New York today. My mums fantastic at finding the best prices for holidays so I’m commissioning her to do it for me ;P

Technical info:
One Interfit EX150mkii subject right @ just under 1/2 power w/softbox, one camera left at 3/4 power w/umbrella metered to blow the wall out.
Camera @ ISO 200, 1/200th (slight curtain vignette at base of image), 18-105mm @ 18-24mm, f/8.
Adjusted in Aperture, didnt need to grace it with Photoshop.

Have a good week, I’m back to school tomorrow so Tweets may be less frequent.

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