Magic Mighty Mouse and Flickr’s Explore

Project 365: Day 2, New Mouse!
Well after much deliberation, research and consideration i decided to spend my much appreciated Apple Store vouchers on a shiny new Magic Mouse. I picked it up today in store (as I am too child-like to have to wait for delivery) and I must say i am very very pleased with my purchase. Yes it may cost £55 (£56 now with VAT increase) which is the same as a MX Revolution, but with my new mantra in mind (Im now thinking more of spending a little extra for a quality product rather than settle for “equivalents”) i think its well worth it. This mantra has paid off in the past, for example i purchased a Nikon MB-D80 for my Nikon d90 whilst in New York (In B&H) and one day when i got into the hotel room, my camera decided it prefferred the floor as apposed to the ridiculously high american beds. The latch on the back of the battery cover disassembled itself, but my camera was fine. Now why does this make spending extra on the Nikon copy better than getting its much cheaper alternative off eBay i hear you ask. Well if i had done that and the same thing happened i would have been buggered. Forget returning it as i hear shipping to Hong Kong can be rather expensive. Thanks to the larger investment i was able to siply return to the B&H superstore the next morning and receive an instant replacement. Job done! If ny of my computer equipment fails (touch wood) then replacing, repairing or even getting a refund is extremely easy and efficient as is my camera gear.

Ill only buy Nikon lenses now for fear of receiving a “malfunctioning unit” or paper weight to the rest of us. No risk of back/forward focus, (generally) better warranty, optimised for nikon bodies and the general life span should be greater.

Flickr Explore.
Yes I’ve finally done it! I got explore! My first was on December 21st with Work Horses , the second yesterday (good way to start the year) with Smoke Laden ! Todays turned out to be a fantastic day! spent some money in Bluewater, got a load of traffic on Flickr AND realised i got 2 images on Explore! I’ve tried for so long and its when i didn’t try i got it!

Any way I’ve rambled too much, the mouse is great, easy and nice to use and it looks fantastic on my desk.

Oh and I’ve decided not to reveal what yesterdays picture was of, I think it would detract from what your imagination can do.

Have a great evening/day/morning/night


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