Amazing Gear or Amazing Locations?

Slides from New York: Joel Meyorwitz style
So after my little shopping trip today I’ve been thinking. I could, with relative ease save enough to purchase a Nikon 24-70 2.8 next August when I go to Florida. But for the same price, maybe even less, i could buy myself a Nikon 50 1.8D and pay to fly myself back to New York to get those street shots I’ve been yearning for and some street filming. I know if i got the 24-70 It would pay for itself with the increased amount of “keepers” but the 50 would easily fly it for a portrait on my DX D90. At the moment shooting at f/1.8-2.0 on the streets of New York is sounding a hell more appealing than having an amazing lens stuck in a camera bag.
New York is such an inspiring place to shoot, their are shots I never got that in my head are the best. Memories that mean more to me than all of the gear in my studio and an experience thus far equaled by nothing else. Dont get me wrong, im more than happy with the shots i got from my last trip but, being my first trip their, everything was so daunting and we had so much we wanted to do and did that their were some shots we just didn’t have time or energy to do. When i go again i will concentrate on one street corner for 10-20 mins just taking pictures of passers-by and general New York city life.
Plus a little trip to B&H wouldn’t be too shabby I suppose, especially with a little cash in the pocket left over from the 24-70 “sacrifice” 😉

Your views an words of advice are, as always, cherished for ever. 😛

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2 responses to “Amazing Gear or Amazing Locations?

  1. I say go with the 50 1.8…or the 1.4
    I don’t have a 24-70, but I prefer prime lenses…that 50 1.8 will get you the biggest bang for your buck…the 1.4 will cost a couple hundred dollars more, but the glass is supposed to be superior…alright man…good luck!

  2. new york… You can always hire gear.

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