The start (and test) of my new photo blog.

Project 365: Day 61, Trinity

Yeah so this is new to me, but i was one of my resolutions to setup an stick with a photoblog for 2010. Im not certain what I plan to write on here but it will probably consist mainly of:
My 365 photo project (A picture a day)
Me writing far too much about a photo I took
Gear reviews(?)
Some how-to’s and words of advice

So yeah exactly like every other blog on the net, the only difference being this one is run by a 6ft 6″ white photographer who has been known to grow an afro in the past.

About me:
(currently) im 17 years old, studying photography, graphics, film studies and ICT at AS Level. I am an aspiring professional photographer who specializes in not having a specialty (yet) and who spends far too much money on photographic equipment.

About my Photography:
I am by no means an amateur photographer, but im not a pro either. I know how to use every format of film and digital but have yet to experimented with most of them for financial reasons. For this reason (coupled with my relative lack of professional experience), i would call my self and advanced prosumer. I have experimented with digital compacts, DSLR’s, medium format film cameras and 35mm film cameras, I have learnt all their is to know on large and medium format (and yes I want them all). I draw inspiration from Photographers like Joel Meyerowitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally and various other who have or are doing something interesting with their photography. I have racked up two weddings, a dance competition, numerous portrait shoots, some product shoots and even a week shooting New York under my belt. I love New York and I am determined to go back just to photograph everyday life and street culture. I am thinking about starting my own personal study of natural/available light, with concentration towards night shots, street lights and their form and dimension as they cast over man made structures.

Project 365: Day 40, Overpass


3 responses to “The start (and test) of my new photo blog.

  1. Good luck to you! Your work is inspiring. What camera do you shoot with?

  2. Ollie – Best of luck, love the 365 project – inspires me to do the same…

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