Day 1, January 1st

(NEW) Project 365: Day 1, Smoke Laden

So yeah i decided to restart my 365 project with more enthusiasm and dedication. If you can guess what this is then you are nothing short of a genius. Ill reveal the answer tomorrow.

With my new found dedication to my 365 project I’ve been thinking more towards putting my savings towards a digital Leica kit. I was thinking on a second hand Leica M8 + new Voigtlander 35 1.4. My pros for this choice are that it would allow me to take a camera EVERYWHERE with me, having real power in a much more portable package, having a whole new system to refresh and reinvent the way in which I’ll approach my photography and having access to the fastest, top quality lenses available (Noctilux, Summilux, Elmarit, Zeiss). Cons are that it is extremely expensive, unsuitable for serious studio photography and its harder to use for portraits. At the moment the pros seriously outway the cons but im just dreaming at this point.

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One response to “Day 1, January 1st

  1. This picture is gorgeous!

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